taking it personally.

Imago’s work is pure activism: we are joining with you to create a world that works for everyone – and not just talking about it. Check out the links below to learn more, then give a shout out to share experiences.

The Crown ❯
Manifesto ❯
Angela Powell, Founder ❯
Full Logo Web "Our crowns have already been bought and paid for. All we have to do is wear them." ~ James Baldwin

This deep wisdom, along with the crown in the styling of Jean-Michel Basquiat, is the essence of Imago’s work. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for – and the wait is over.

The bold brushed "I" of Imago's logo offers this: a world of change begins within. On each point of the crown shines a jewel, each jewel guiding our steps every day:

» Step out from behind the masks and make it real.

» Accept what is and become accountable.

» Create deep meaning – for ourselves and for others.

We have entered an age of unprecedented interdependence, flux, connection, opportunity – and ambiguity-induced chaos. The world has changed – but many of our methods haven’t, and the time has come for a necessary R.EVOLUTION.

As people who are radically responsible to the talent we have been given, WE:

» Step out from behind the masks and make it real. We get that authenticity is the new black, and that being uncool is not only refreshing – it has the true power to transform.

» Accept what is and become accountable. There is choice in each and every moment, and we seize those choices making ourselves our greatest and most profound instrument.

» Create deep meaning – for ourselves and for others. We let go of FOMO, ruthlessly divine signal from noise, play connect the dots, and design brilliant, relevant strategy that creates real movement – and not more motion.

You are the one you've been waiting for.
Angela Powell

My gift and passion for initiating and organizing effective change efforts showed early: as a 3rd grader, I instigated a school-wide anti-smoking campaign that empowered kids to support their parents in kicking the habit.

Since then, I have gained 25 years of consulting and service experience working with for-impact organizations, and earned my M.A. in Organizational Development from Bastyr University in 2001. Hop on over to LinkedIn for more on my work history.

Here’s what you won’t find on my resume:

I have pipes and I know how to use them.  //  I’ve spearheaded multiple advocacy groups, started a nonprofit, served on nonprofit Boards, including President and other executive roles, and actively participated in movement creation. I’ve built my career on serving others, and that makes me proud. And, oh yes, I have pipes in the traditional sense, too… I sing a mean Miz Celie’s Blues!

I hear the story that's being told but isn't being said out loud.  //  I am able to extract information quickly, pay attention to the nuance of word choice and nonverbal signals, creating connections across seemingly disparate ideas. I speak what I see, and have a reputation for being forthright and direct, as well as compassionate and thoughtful so people can hear it.

I'm a wicked strategist and gifted artist.  //  I create clear narratives, bringing diverse ideas together to craft a unified whole. I love to help others move from that clarity to shape their work and lives in an intentional way. I’m also known for my artistic eye and the creativity that comes from many years of vocal training, dance class, and performances on stages big and small. You need both sides of your brain – right and left – to create work of depth and meaning.

I've learned to embrace ambiguity and uncertainty - and I can help you love it, too.  //  Becoming a mother at 43 to an imaginative, smart and (very) assertive three-year-old rocked my world. Adopting through the foster care system forced me (sometimes kicking and screaming) to grow immensely in my ability to work with ambiguity and tap a resourcefulness I had no clue I possessed. I’ve learned that the acceptance of vulnerability and ability to sit with nuance, and uncertainty is key to most things worth having in life – whether in your work or personal worlds. And I’ve learned to love it.