the more you know, the less you need.

Influence is for every body – no matter where you find yourself on the org chart. You are your most essential tool to getting anything – and we mean anything – done. You are your greatest instrument. In the new world of work, how you show up matters: we need authentic, capable people.

Imago offers coaching and thought partnership that works with you exactly where you are allowing you to:

» Work within ambiguity-induced chaos, staying resourceful and inventive in times of great stress;

» Let go of the savior complex, remain real with your colleagues, and use “I don’t know” as a jumping off point for creative problem-solving;

» Push and challenge assumptions (yours and others) in respectful and productive ways;

» Sift through multiple data points to develop elegant, effectual strategy;

» Be able to zoom in and out at will to see different levels of system in order to gain perspective and respond; and

» Seize your ability to influence, taking full responsibility for each moment in which you find yourself. You are the same person, wherever you go.

Wearing your crown is not an easy thing. It is a practice – a way of being. We know you’re up for the challenge and are willing to walk your talk or you wouldn’t be here, so let us create a development plan just for youContact us to get things started.



Imago is a member of the International Coach Federation and abides by its code of standards and professional ethics.