power to the people. all of them.

It all begins with the recognition that savior leadership and passive job holding is dead. None of us has the full answer, but we’ll find it in the connected intelligence brought forth by invested people.

Imago is equipped to support you in addressing a wide range of organizational issues, but we’re most in our zone when co-creating inspired strategy: the kind that allows you to move through moments of potential crisis, and into the bigger game you’re meant to be playing. We’ve become a go-to resource for building creative, action-oriented strategy for organizations of all sizes.

After 15+ years doing this work with organizations just like yours, Imago has plenty of tools and solid experience at its disposal. But we’re tool agnostic – there is no holy grail of process. What we care about is crafting a response plan that will get you the clear outcomes you’re looking for. Your ability to proactively move and do the work you’re here to do is the point. Always. Imago has the ability to play Jazz. And rule one of Jazz? Know the rules so you can break them – then create something of beauty, utility and genius. Contact us to get things started.


Imago is a member of the Organization Development Network and abides by its principles of practice and professional credo.